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Third World Country DVD

$20.00 USD

Corey Rosson is an independent video maker out of Nashville, Tennessee who started a video series entitled "Cuntry" back in 2016. Corey's filmmaking embraces all of the elements that make the deep south notorious and flips them on their head to craft an incredibly entertaining video experience that's both hilarious and beautiful. The Cuntry series has introduced the world to many talented skaters who we may never have known of otherwise like Herbert Brown, Edgar Hernandez, Bobby Newell and a host of other rad underground skaters from the south. "Third World Cuntry" is the 4th offering in the "Cuntry" series and Corey is claiming that it is also the last. But we sure hope not because Corey's eye and sense of humor are much needed in the underground skate world. You're guaranteed to enjoy this 20 minute video project and will be hyped to meet some new skaters you never knew you were missing out on.

This unique project comes to you in the format of a 32 page booklet with photos and a story by Corey himself and a direct QR code download link on the back. So you get a rad, unique printed booklet as well as a direct digital copy of the video downloaded straight to your computer. Win/Win. Enjoy the world of "Cuntry".