• DIME & Quartersnacks Apparel Now Available! October 17, 2018 Boss

    New instore from our friends to the north and our friends in the big apple! Check the online shop here to grab anything 24/7!
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  • Bunch of New Hard & Soft Goods Now Available! October 17, 2018 Boss

    Grips of awesome apparel and to many decks to count are falling off the FEDEX and UPS trucks on the daily. Stop in the shop or check out the online shop here.
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  • New Shop Gear October 17, 2018 Boss

    Some Half Zip Jackets to keep you toasty, the chilly seasons are upon us. Half Zip, insulated, camouflage, fully embroidered. In store and online here.

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  • DC Lynx OG 6/30/2018 June 26, 2018 Boss

    We’ll be releasing the Heritage DC Lynx OG at Midnight on 6/30/18 (Friday at Midnight) Any left over pair will be available in store Saturday at noon. If your local and want to secure your pair then pick up just enter PICKUP at checkout.

    “This limited offering of THE LYNX had DC digging deep in their vast archives. Back in 1998 a handful of pairs were made exclusively in this colorway for the DC team to test while the shoe was still in the development stages. The following year a similar colorway made it into production and became an instant classic. Thanks to much of Josh Kalis’ Transworld Sixth Sense video part being filmed around this time, this rider colorway attained Holy Grail status and had people scratching their heads asking, “But what are those?!” Now you can check that 20 year old bucket list and wear the colorway that was never was.”
     photo image002_zpscfaq3wmv.png

  • Converse x Tyler the Creator “Gulf Le Fleur” May 31, 2018 Boss

    Tyler the Creator is back at it again with Converse for a Golf Le FLeur Capsule, we’ll have whats pictured below available Online and Instore Tursday 6/1/18. We will drop these at Midnight 6/1/18, If you want to secure your size in anything and pick up in store use the code PICKUP at checkout. All orders must be picked up within 24 hours of purchase or they’ll be refunded. The shoes we have in mens size 5-12 only Thank you for your continued support.

     photo IMG_4198_zpsslbrbjit.jpg
     photo IMG_4197_zpst8rcsx0m.jpg

  • Steel by Adam Bos May 20, 2018 Boss

    Our good friend Adam Bos from Kingston Ontario is an awesome skateboarder and even more amazing videographer. His newest video “Steel” does exactly what “headroom” and “Crawlspace” did, leaves you wanting more. Spot selection is as raw as the dudes skating them. An eclectic mix of dudes from way up North, Western NY, and Upstate. We were lucky enough to get some T-Shirts and Hard Copies before they sold out. Grab em instore or online before they’re gone. Thank you for your continued support.
     photo IMG_5578_zpszwgqhli9.jpg
     photo IMG_4237_zpslyqq5589.jpg

  • Newest Adidas Drop May 20, 2018 Chris

    Newest Adidas are now available inshore and online. Skate Copa Jerseys & a ton of different models to chose from.
     photo IMG_5429_zpsg1ktawyp.jpg
     photo IMG_5342_zpsevfpekif.jpg

  • Some Newer Soft Goods May 20, 2018 Boss

    Always love when the Seasons change, big ol batch of awesome from our friends at Quartersnacks and DIME. In store and online. While supplies last. Thank you for your continued support!

     photo IMG_5557_zpspqt2ukpo.jpg
     photo IMG_5344_zpsoeljcrew.jpg

  • Spring Break Yoself Contest @ Saugerties Park! 5/26/18 May 20, 2018 Boss

    The Rain Day Make up for the Spring Break Yoself Contest is 5/26/18!
     photo IMG_5561_zpsfosv0wj1.jpg

  • Some Newer Things May 20, 2018 Boss

    Some newer hard and soft goods from some of our favorite companies! All available in store and some/most available online. Thank you for your continued support.
     photo IMG_5569_zpscwcex0me.jpg
     photo 691fec19-e128-4b28-b5ae-642f01a3f0df_zpso7n2hwdt.jpg
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