Some random photos and words from Pittsburgh PA

Cody, Harris and myself(Timmy) took a little trip out to out to Pittsburgh PA in the beginning of April. I figure it wouldn’t hurt to show a few photos from the journey(Mostly just documenting, no “real skate photos”). But i’ll toss in a little throwback clip or 2 at the end of the post so its not a waste of space on this new bloggything or whateves. The photo’s were taken by Cody and myself(Timmy).



Pittsburgh is roughly an 8 hour drive from Albany(with a stop or 2 in the mix). We all went out to visit our homie and albany native MR.Falco, And our buddy Ted drove up from D.C.(also an albany native).


My brain was pretty fried from the solid 8 hour drive. We all spent Easter weekend filthy, and smelly together. Falco gave us the little tour of the city. Pittsburgh is def a little hidden gem on the east. If you ever find yourself out in that neck of the woods stop by One up Skate Shop . Season’s also happily carries the Pittsburg native Scumco and Sons. A rad little company doing unique things.

…Okay so that sums that up….

For the 95% of you who don’t care about me, my friends, our trip, and our silly little photographs. I did mention i’d give a throwback clip or 2. I’ll give you 2 rad little clips from last year. Yes they might have been posted on the shops facebook, but I don’t know for sure and i’m not worried about it.

first Clip.

This was a little edit filmed and put together last summer by Mat Levine. Skating is by Evan B., Lee, Allen, and Derek D.(sorry if anyone was forgotten)

Second clip.

A nice little indoor ramp sesh. Another Clip from Mat Levine, from last summer. Skating by Evan b, and derek. Thanks Mat for making these! today was the first day I saw a bit of blue sky amongst the gross and gloomy overcast. Hopefully this post can inspire some of yall to go skate and maybe take a little trip with your friends. Go skate and have fun!

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