Curtis Rapp Interview

Curtis has come a long way since he was deemed the winner of Slap’s, once glamorous contest, One In a Million. He’s gone from college drop out, couch dweller to full time woodworker living in Brooklyn with his lady. The boy has continued to keep ripping on and off the board and we salute you for that Curt!

So what’s happening in Brooklyn  Mr. Rapp?

Well, we didn’t really have a winter down here so that summer time excitement to skate never really happened. Winter is good, It repress’s your skating habit only to let it explode come summer. So I’ve started apprenticing at a fine woodworking/furniture shop. It keeps me from getting burned out on skating and holds that same excitement and creativeness. It’s really fun.

Photo: Zered

Sick, Glad things are going well. So how did that Autobahn video come about?

Well that just happened naturally I suppose. I haven’t been filming for anything in particular really, and Jason Rogers from Autobahn reached out to me and Joey Pepper about it. He knew I had some footage laying around and kind of convinced me I should put it out. I was psyched it worked out, Autobahn is the shit. He runs that company by himself I believe and he has been doing it forever, you gotta support shit like that.

You just had an ad in the new Lowcard, that spot looks amazing, want to tell us about that trip and how it went down?

Shear Hell. It was the probably the hardest mission to a skate spot in my entire life. Worst of all is we had been there before and drove right up to it. But since then we had heard about a few people getting arrested there. Also a story of a cop shoot out with a bank robber who was living in the abandoned building on the property. Killing one police officer. So needless to say it was pretty risky. But knowing it was practically off limits made it all the more tempting. Myself, Jerry Mraz, Joey Pepper, Joe Bressler and Dave Chami left at the crack of dawn. After the 3 hour drive we spent an hour or so circling the mountain trying to find an decent place to hike in knowing the entry road was off limits. We were met with straight up rock cliffs, not feasible with the photo, flash and video gear. We also had 100 LBs of concrete, A few gallons of water and Bondo, Beers, extra clothes and our skateboards. It was pretty ridiculous. We found a place to park with what seemed to be a path, which disappeared after a few minute walk. The woods was dense, we were all pouring sweat with thorn bushes just tearing us apart. We marched only in the general direction we thought the spot was. Every half hour someone would get cell service and check the GPS. ” AH shit we past it” Was something we heard more often than not, Doing giant circles on the mountain you couldnt even see the ditch unless you were in it, the forest was just that dense. 2 hours later one of us stumbled onto it. First thing I did was tick inspection, they were crawling in our clothes. Paranoia sets in and you just cant stop checking for ticks. I was terrified I was going to find one on my sack. This sounds insane but it really is worth it. This spot is one of a kind, a snake run zig zagging through the woods and down a mountain. There are drainage holes every 5 feet or so that your truck could easily jam into and creates a slalom of sorts. If you fall, your arm would turn to serrated death. It’s some real fun ass shit. We poured some crete, did a little patchwork and created a lip in certain spots. Had one hell of a day and on the ride home at about 9 pm Jerry Mraz pulled a tick off of his stomach.

Photo: Chami

Damn dude thats crazy, but I agree that spots seems worth it. Summers right around the corner so I’m sure we will see you soon Upstate any other big plans this summer?

Yeah i’m planning on being upstate a little more this year, I need more fishing in my life. No big plans just playing it by ear. Now that I have a car it will be a lot easier to get out of the city and hit Upstate.

Thanks Curtis we look forward to seeing you and using your rope swing at Camp Rapp anything else you want to add?

Thanks to Stereo, Vans, Autobahn, Independent, DQM(clothing) and of course Seasons Skate Shop. You guys are doing it right.



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