Seasons X Pig Food Records Board

On November 17th we will be releasing our first collab with Pig Food Records. Pig Food Records is an Albany based hip-hop label. These dudes have been crushing the local hip hop scene for years. They are some of the hardest working dudes we know and we stand behind them 100%.  Support Pig Food. The board comes with a limited edition flexi-vinyl record Produced by PJ Katz, and featuring Elsphinx, Grizzly Grimace, Benn Grim, & Giant Gorilla Dog and original artwork by Honkey Kong, please check out his site… The drop will also include a limited edition Pig Food Records Bullies tee shirt. So make sure to get that as well.  Please follow and add all of these fine fellows to your social media. These boards will be available at in the shop and online.


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