Our good friends who rap in this group called Giant Gorilla Dog Thing have a new album coming out soon. Pre Book it here! Please check out their new video…Over a thousand sheets of paper later. A little under a thousand days of anticipation later. Somewhere around ten thousand dollars worth of reconstructive surgery later. This thing really exists in the world. And this victory is particularly sweet because there are twenty some odd people who collaborated on this project. Some contemporaries, yes. But more importantly all friends of ours, regardless of the music. Some make tattoos. Some make rap music. Some make jokes. Some make drinks. But one of these people known most for making people smile. We’ve dedicated this superfun, ridiculous, smokey, pukey, gnarly, snowleopardy, what-in-the-entire-world-of-fuck, piece of visual art to a friend who once said, “if it doesn’t make me laugh, don’t even bother”. Our friend Jess (Smiley).

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