East of Lark Video

We are really excited to present East of Lark as our second video installment. ¬†Coming in hot after the release of “Capital Distruct” we tried to do something different with this project. Those familiar with Albany know how difficult it is to skate “downtown” or any place East of Lark St… Those who might not know here’s the city ordinance¬†from 1991, which is still strictly enforced.

Areas in the City of Albany in which skateboard riding is prohibited are as follows:

A.All public and private sidewalks, roadways (including the entire paved and improved surface thereof including curbs), parking lots, driveways and courtyards within the boundaries as set forth below:

(1)All that area bounded by and including Lark Street south of Madison Avenue on the west, Clinton Avenue on the north, Broadway on the east and Myrtle Avenue on the south.

The dudes took it to the streets and did well, they did real well. Copies of the video are only $5 with a run time of almost 18 minutes its well worth it. Featuring Dylan Zhang, Liam Daly, Chris Tehaar, Evan Baisley, Kyle Carson, Pat Mowatt, Cody Rosenthal and a slew of friends. Filmed and edited by Thomas Gaunay and Tim O’Rourke. Get a copy of the video here today!



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