Vans Seylynn “S” Luke Meier

To celebrate their 10th anniversary, Vans Syndicate has reached out to several original Syndicate collaborators to get their help in reworking many originals to the Syndicate line in modern anniversary fashion. Among the many collaborators is OAMC’s Luke Meier, who had previously helped bring new life to the Syndicate Zero Lo model. This time around, his “Destry Luxury” mindset has been applied to the Seylynn “S,” devising the low-cut shoe in a beautiful all-white premium soft nubuck. The anniversary project launches worldwide on Saturday 9/19/2015. We’ll release these online at 12:01 am (Just after midnight Friday) Any pair remaining will be on a first come first serve basis at 10 am Saturday. Thank you for your continued support.
 photo vans-syndicate-luke-meier-seylynn-s-01-960x640_zpsqt6dnnbe.jpg
 photo vans-syndicate-luke-meier-seylynn-s-05-960x640_zpshuttwmyy.jpg
 photo vans-syndicate-luke-meier-seylynn-s-06-960x640_zps00udseka.jpg
 photo vans-syndicate-luke-meier-seylynn-s-04-960x640_zpsgd0eqm7j.jpg

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